Learn practical ways to interact with the people in your workplace so you can finally start creating opportunities to (legally) share Jesus with your co-workers.

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When your pastor says you should live out your faith at work,

what does that even look like?

Do you worry that living out your faith at work might get you fired

or cause your co-workers to lose respect for you?

Have you ever thought, "I know I should be telling people at work about Jesus,"

but known in your heart that you lacked the motivation to do so?

My new Faith at Work Devotional Series gives you Human Resources-approved steps for living out your faith at work, and the daily encouragement to actually do it! You’ll learn how to confidently interact with your co-workers like a Christ-follower without the fear of losing your job or respect from your peers in the process.


Daily Devotions

Every weekday for four weeks, you'll receive a fresh devotion in your inbox to start off your day. These daily encouragements will share real-life stories, a bit of humor, and the biblical truths needed to strengthen your faith and your resolve to live according to your values in the workplace. The consistent daily focus on living like a Christ-follower at work will build habits that will be with you all of your career, regardless of your field or position. The habits you build as a result of this devotional series will strengthen relationships with co-workers, creating opportunities to share your faith in Jesus.

Mid-Day Reminders

Sometimes when I read a devotion in the early morning hours, I have the best of the intentions for the day, but by lunchtime, the onslaught of e-mails, phone calls, and interruptions totally wipes out my memory, and I don't remember what I read, let alone how it encouraged me to love those around me for the day. If you can relate, you're going to love the mid-day reminders!

These fun graphic reminders will show up in your inbox mid-day with the morning's key idea and scripture reference to jog your memory about the intention you set for the day.

HR Safe Approach

I've worked in Human Resources for over 12 years and received my certificate as a Professional in Human Resources in 2018. I've trained dozens of organizations and hundreds of managers and employees on employment law compliance, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which governs religious protections in the workplace.

Additionally, I've practiced everything that you will find in this devotional while functioning as an HR Director. You can trust that the actions you'll find in this devotional series are workplace compliant, and that over time, they will absolutely open opportunities for you to share your faith.


This optional PDF version of the Faith at Work devotional series gives you printable access to every devotion in the series, so that you can make notes, personalize the application, and refer to the devotions over and over even after your email address changes. PLUS you'll get four bonus devotions and a quick guide to sharing the gospel to use when the opportunity you've worked so hard to curate finally arrives! And you can add it to your purchase today for only $7.


“I love this devotional! It is applicable, relatable, and comprehensive. Ashley has an incredible way of taking the pressure and complication out of living your faith and making actionable steps super simple. Readers can hear her personality come through each study with such heart, approachability, and laughter. I highly recommend this devotional for anyone in any career field looking to walk out their faith at work.” 

-- Meredith Holmes

“This devotional was so beautifully written! Ashley truly has a gift for discipleship and equipping others to feel in confident in sharing God’s word.”

-- Alex Ferrier

“Ashley’s relatable and personal approach and tone is so welcoming and easy to follow, and this devotional gripped my heart. I love the responsive prayer and thinking about how the Lord wants me to respond. And the mid-day email…YES! I’ve already asked God’s forgiveness at least 16 times by lunch!” 

-- Faith Huya

“God has gifted Ashley Smalley with a way of delivering a message in a humorous way, with practical application and one that crosses over lines of inside or outside the church walls.”

-- Melissa Flynt

“I found this content both encouraging and reassuring! I CAN share my faith and do it LEGALLY!!” 

-- Shari Rogers





I'm HR consultant and women's minister who desperately wants to see Christians live like Jesus in the workplace.

Ten years ago, I was living like two different people. Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights showed signs of a growing and vibrant faith, but Monday through Friday I was very guarded about letting others see my faith.

I wasn't really sure how to do it...this whole living out your faith thing. What does that look like? Can I even legally do that as an HR person? Would I get fired? Would I lose popularity with people at work?

I began to pray that God would show me how to live out my faith in a way that would draw people to Jesus. This devotional series is the result of those prayers. As I began to slowly change the way I interacted with my co-workers, I saw opportunity after opportunity open up for me to pray with them and to talk about my faith in a non-confrontational way. In fact, they began to seek me out for prayer and conversation.

The same will be true with you as you begin to actively live out your faith at work.

Come on! Let's do this thing! Let's put your faith to work AT work!

Ashley Smalley


How are the daily devotions delivered?

The Faith at Work devotions are sent directly to your email inbox on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, in the morning. Mid-day reminder emails are also sent to your inbox later the same day.

Can I get a printed version of the devotions?

The Faith at Work devotions are a digital product only; however, you can definitely get a printable version of the entire collection to print yourself. I recommend adding the PDF version of the devotions to your purchase. When you click any of the pink "purchase" buttons on this page, you'll be taken to a checkout where you can click a "+" sign to add the printable PDF for only $7 extra.

Will I get my devotions right away?

The Faith at Work daily devotional experience is designed to start on a Monday. For four weeks, Monday through Friday, you'll receive a daily email and a daily mid-day encouragement. Whichever day you purchase, you'll get a welcome email immediately, then your first devotion will hit your inbox on the following Monday.

Is this product refundable?

Due to the nature of the product and its time-sensitive delivery, we do not offer full refunds once the devotional is purchased. However, we truly believe these devotions are going to add such a bright spot to your day, you won't want to stop getting them, even after your four-week journey is done!


You could just stay stuck in the place you are now... feeling afraid to express your faith at work, confused about what you can say and can't, growing frustrated at the seemingly godless environment you're working in day after day... or you could experience the Faith at Work devotional and discover confidence, motivation, and practical steps to do the very thing Jesus commanded us to do - go and make disciples. Don't stay afraid, confused, or stuck when there is a simple jump start available at your fingertips!